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punu masks
Artwork stories

The Punu Masks in Central Africa

The Punu masks of Gabon—white faces crowned by elegant prominent coiffures—convey a captivating sense of serenity, in keeping with their purpose. The typology of the

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Connaitre la valeur d'une statuette africaine
Global art market

Know the value of African statuary

Although the provenance of an African sculpture is considered an important criterion, it is only one aspect of the value of a work. Many other

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Fang Statuary

The Fang are a major ethnic group of Central and West Africa and form part of the population of Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and Cameroon. They

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Yoruba Ere Ibeji

Between the time of their creation and that of their acquisition, the perception of Yoruba ere ibeji figures shifts. Initially seen as receptacles for the

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