The appraisal of African films, whether old or new, is a very specialized task that should be undertaken by a professional, in order to be sure of ascertaining its true value, its history and the context in which it was created.

Films (archival and contemporary video)

African film: witness to the past, lens on the future

From the archives to contemporary video productions, African cinema is a rich and diverse witness to the continent’s cultural, social and political evolution. Early African film (often documentaries), captured key moments in history, from independence struggles to post-colonial transformation.

Africa’s early film archives thus offer a valuable glimpse into the past. Pioneering filmmakers such as Senegal’s Ousmane Sembène used the medium to give voice to the realities of the continent, creating works such as “La Noire de…” (1966), a milestone in the history of African cinema.

Recent years have seen the emergence of a dynamic and flourishing African film scene. Contemporary African directors have won international acclaim for works that explore universal themes while being rooted in African reality (Mali’s Abderrahmane Sissako with “Timbuktu” and Céline Sciamma in Senegal with “Bande de Filles”).

Contemporary African films thus highlight the diversity of perspectives, languages and cultures across Africa, while portraying the rapid evolution of the continent and its cinematography.

Appraisal reveals the value of your African films!

You may wish to ascertain the value of your African films in order to sell them, insure them, or to satisfy simple curiosity. An appraisal will give you all the answers you need.

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Your African film specialist will, of course, need to view the film in question, enabling them to judge not only the quality of its conservation, but also its artistic or documentary value. In the case of an old film, the appraiser also needs to date the film in order to understand the historical, artistic and cultural context of its creation.

Once the expert has carried out the study, they can provide you with their findings. This will include the intrinsic value of the film. However, to determine the asking price of the film, the specialist will also cross reference the art market (where supply and demand have a role to play) to ascertain the market value of your film.


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