Body art


African body art covers a very wide variety of practices, which are associated with the continent's diversity and ancient history. If you own objects such as ornaments or jewelry relating to African body art, it may be worth having them appraised. Not only will you discover their value, but their mysterious will be revealed to you.

Body art

African body art: from jewelry to scarification

African body art – jewelry, ornaments, scarification, tattoos, hairstyles and accessories – is an artistic expression imbued with symbolism and spirituality.

African ethnic jewelry represents much more than simple ornamentation. It carries with it cultural heritage and religious beliefs, and often denotes the wearer’s social status. African pearl jewelry and African precious metal jewelry are skillfully crafted to create elaborate ornaments.

African hairstyles also transcend mere aesthetics to become works of art. Braids, plaits and other styles vary according to region and ethnic group, reflecting tribal identity, social status and age. They are also a means of communication, indicating marital status or participation in rites of passage.

Jewelry and hairstyles are often accompanied by accessories such as fans, masks and pins. Fans, for example, are both practical and decorative, whereas masks are designed primarily for ritual and cultural performances.

Finally, the body as art is exemplified by the use of piercing, tattooing, scarification and body painting. African societies are varied and widespread and have created particularly patterns on the body whose meanings are equally diverse, ranging from tribal identity to initiation rites.

A complete appraisal of your African body art objects

There is no better way to understand, appreciate and learn how to conserve your African art than a professional appraisal. Appraising your African body art is also essential if you have items to sell or insure.

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Appraising African body art objects is a complex exploration that delves deeper than aesthetic appeal. It involves an in-depth understanding of artistic traditions, materials and their cultural contexts. It’s a multidisciplinary process that doesn’t stop at simply estimating the cash value of your ethnic jewelry or tribal ornaments. It reveals their history, meaning and artistic value too.

That’s why it’s essential to work with a recognized expert in African arts. They have the requisite knowledge and methods necessary for a thorough appraisal of your African art objects. By identifying and dating them, your expert can help you understand their essence, and contextualize their history and precise meaning.


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Appraising ancient African art: a treasure not to be underestimated