Are you planning to sell or insure your collection of African blankets? Have it appraised first! Appraisal by a specialist in African art will ensure you understand its true value, and allow you to learn more about your blankets' origins and history.

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African blankets, more than just textiles

African blankets are emblematic of the history, traditions and cultural identities of the continent. Often hand-woven in a variety of patterns and colors, they are an example of the continent’s cultural richness.

African blankets, known by different names in different regions (kente in Ghana, shukas in East Africa, bogolan in Mali), are made using techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. Each pattern and color carries a particular meaning, which may be linked to community history, local legends or daily life.

Not only are traditional blankets used in ceremonies, they also have a practical function in everyday life. Beyond protection from the cold, they also embody the cultural pride of the community. They are, therefore, of significant cultural and social importance.

The African art of blanket-making varies from region to region and uses complex indigenous weaving techniques and artisanal dyeing methods. Today, contemporary African blankets are also finding their way into the world of fashion and contemporary art, bringing an authentic touch to modern creations.

Engage a professional to appraise your African blankets

To appraise your tribal blankets, your African art specialist’s first task is to use their expertise and knowledge of African art history to date and geographically locate their origins. This preliminary investigation reveals the history and cultural value of your blankets.

This contextualization allows for an initial assessment of the value of your African blankets to be made. The next step is to assess the artistic and aesthetic quality of your blankets. This entails considering their current state of repair, and assessing whether any restoration work has already been undertaken.

Once this information has been gathered, the appraiser compares the quality of your blankets with current supply and demand on the art market, to determine exactly what your collection of African blankets is worth!


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