Professional appraisal of your African furniture


Assessing the value of your contemporary African furniture can meet a number of needs: an imminent sale; insurance; or simply satisfying your curiosity. In each case, you'll need to call in a specialist in African art.

Contemporary furniture

Contemporary African furniture: where respect for tradition meets modernism

African design creations respect and draw inspiration from ancestral craft heritage, yet are starkly modern. In an assertive return to their roots, contemporary African designers often incorporate local materials and traditional craft techniques into the creation of their contemporary furniture. Wood, rattan, leather, metal and other local, natural resources become key elements and features of the furniture.

Tribal motifs, cultural symbols and landscapes are regularly incorporated into African interior design. The result is pieces with innovative shapes and textures that retain a strong cultural identity.

The use of the past as inspiration makes each new creation unique. The emotional connection to this heritage can be seen in the craftmanship of the materials – woodwork and textile work being ancient traditions in Africa.

Contemporary African designers are helping to change the way furniture is perceived, showing that innovation can coexist with respect for the past. These sculptural pieces of African furniture are not simply functional. They are also artworks in their own right, which celebrate both the diversity and universality of African art.

A specialist in African furniture appraisal at your service

To understand the value of your African furniture, you need an expert. Only an expert can evaluate your modern African furniture and assess its aesthetic value according to professional criteria.

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Appraisal is not limited to assessing the value of your modern ethnic art furniture. Appraising African furniture is a complex process which involves several stages: gathering information on the designer and the style, visual examination, identifying markings and signatures, analyzing materials and reporting on the general condition.

Once all the information has been gathered, a full appraisal of its value will be carried out. This depends on the piece itself and the state of the market. Finally, you will be given a dossier summarizing all the information. In addition to its financial value, you will gain in-depth knowledge of your contemporary African furniture.


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