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Are you the proud owner of ancient African goldweights? Often, they are seen as real treasures. Don't hesitate to call in a specialist in African art for a precise appraisal of your weights: you will discover the true value and history of these African artifacts.

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African goldweights are both functional and aesthetic objects. They are generally associated with the Akan, Ashanti and Baloué societies of Ghana and Ivory Coast.

Born of traditional African craftsmanship, these weights were principally used to measure gold, as part of an economic system based on the precious metal. However, they quickly established themselves as art objects in their own right.

They come in a wide variety of shapes and designs, depending, above all on their Akan, Ashanti or Baloué heritage. Goldweight sculptures can depict animals, humans, everyday objects or abstract symbols. African goldweights can be found in brass or bronze, sometimes featuring copper or iron inlay. The finesse of these details testifies to the skill of African cast-iron craftsmen.

Today, African goldweights are sought after for their intrinsic beauty, historical value and rich cultural symbolism. Their display in museums and art galleries contributes to the preservation and promotion of African primitive arts. As functional objects, they have transcended their original purpose to become living testimonies to the artistic heritage of ancient Africa.

Appraise your African goldweights

To assess the value of your African goldweights, you need a professional. Only they can determine their exact geographical origin and objectively judge their aesthetic value. They can also provide a precise date, identify any markings and analyze the constituent materials.

Your African art expert will then compare their conclusions with the current state of the art market, to provide you with the current value of your goldweights. Their work goes even further, however, by historically contextualizing the objects and thereby helping you understand the environment in which they were created.

By having your African gold weights appraised, you not only obtain their real value (essential in the case of a sale or for insurance purposes), but you also gain essential knowledge of the objects themselves – their innermost secrets are revealed to you.


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