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Certified Valuation of African Artwork

What We Do ?

In a context rapid and growing market African art is too often overlooked and undervalued. A true concern for the large community of african art collectors and enthousiasts.

A large volume of works of African art – even those dating back to the beginning of the 20th century – appeared for the first time on the open market in the last ten years, and more importantly in the last five years. Yes there is a persistent lack of knowledge of these works.

Here’s the solution:

Our independent expert team with unparalleled knowledge in African art and solid global market expertise deliver a bespoke valuation certificate to you within 48 hours, acknowledged and respected in the art world.

Our African Art Experts deliver you a tailored price valuation

How it works ?

You add the


You make the


Expert delivers you
valuation certificate


Three steps to evaluate your African Artwork




1 valuation
deliver on printable pdf
Expert statement
Expert description
Auction value
Insurance value



Minimum €24 for 2 valuations
You save 25%
Valid both for valuation
& for the price database
They never expire until
you're using them

The fees are used for extensively promoting our services, to fund art economy
training programs in Africa for creating jobs on the spot, among others.

Get an accurate estimate, of the price of your African Artwork

We have a range of memberships which give access to our art market reports,
including auction analysis, art market confidence reports, art market outlook, regional
art market analysis and artist reports.