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From drawings and engravings, to watercolors and other works on paper, African graphic art dazzles with its richness and diversity. Do you own African graphic art? Would you like to have it appraised? Then call in a specialist in African art. They will carry out a complete evaluation of your collection of African graphic artwork.

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Artworks on paper, drawings, watercolors and engraving

African graphic art: diversity and harmony

African graphic art encompasses a wide range of media, from prints to tribal drawings, paper art, watercolors and ethnic engravings. These works reflect the societies that produced them.

Geometric patterns, symbols and bright colors are recurrent elements. They are not merely decorative, but are weighted with profound meaning, tell stories, celebrate significant events and express cultural values.

In particular, African printmaking is a vital graphic medium. From linocuts to African lithographs, artists used, and still use, traditional artistic techniques to create images that explore identity and history.

African watercolors often evoke the splendor of the landscape, capturing the pulsing life of the savannah, lush forests and the bustle of market places. As for African drawings, they embody a fusion of abstraction and realism, which Artists deploy to render everyday life and traditions.

Stylized and decorative, African paper-based art has influenced contemporary international artistic movements. Today, African artists focus more on current themes of urbanization, globalization and individual identity. Graphic novels and digital art are growing in recognition, while remaining rooted in African graphic traditions.

Have an African art specialist appraise your graphic artworks

If you’re lucky enough to own old African drawings, tribal prints, ethnic watercolors or African woodcuts, you may wish to have them appraised by a specialist. In the event of a sale or for insurance purposes, such an appraisal is essential.

An expert uses professional techniques to accurately determine the true value of your African artwork. Its intrinsic value will depend on its condition, aesthetic value and history. The intrinsic value is then evaluated in the context of the African art market, where supply and demand fulfill an important role.

An appraisal of your African graphic art will not only reveal the sale value, but also an object’s history. An expert can determine its origin and contextualize its history. He or she will study your African artwork to confirm its authenticity and reveal its intimate history.

Finally, your expert will provide you with a dossier, consisting all the extant information about your African graphic art, perhaps revealing secrets you didn’t know you had!


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