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Tapestry is one of the best-known crafts on the African continent, practiced by the Dogon people to the Berbers. Do you own African tapestries? Would you like to have them appraised? Then call in an African art specialist.

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The living art of African tapestry

African textile art bears witness to its community of origin, as revealed through its motifs, colors and weaving techniques. The diversity of Ethnic tapestries and the disparate communities from which they come, provide great variety, albeit displaying certain unifying characteristics.

African textiles are often inspired by nature, mythology and ritual ceremonies. Colors and patterns transcend mere decoration to become visual narratives. Each tapestry captures the lifeblood of the community that created it.

In Mali, the weavers of the Dogon people are renowned for their intricate textile work, created by hand on vertical looms. Dogon tapestries often depict scenes from daily life or ancestral myths. In Morocco, Berber tapestries (known as kilim) are woven with abstract tribal motifs and natural colors, reflecting the influence of the desert and the Atlas mountains.

The creativity of African weavers is enriched through the use of specific weaving tools, materials and techniques: hand weaving; shuttle looms; meticulous work with vegetable fibers, wool or cotton. Today, these ancient methods coexist with modern approaches. The respect for traditional African textile art often inspires contemporary African artists who use new technologies to create innovative African tapestries.

Why have your African tapestry appraised?

It is the very diversity of African tapestry that makes expert assessment so crucial in assessing its value. Only a professional can accurately identify the motifs or recognize the techniques used to make your tapestry.

To appraise your ethnic tapestry, your specialist takes an in-depth look at the textile itself. They will confirm its authenticity, date it and pinpoint its geographic origin.

Once the information has been obtained, your African tapestry expert will weigh up the evidence and correlate its market value. The true value of the tapestry depends on the supply and demand of the market. Knowing the true value of your African tapestry is essential, particularly in the case of a forthcoming sale, but also if you wish to insure your collection.

Last, but by no means not least, the information gathered by your expert will satisfy your curiosity and provide you with an in-depth knowledge of your African tapestry.


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