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Are you lucky enough to own objects in the African wildlife art tradition? To determine their value, you need to consult a professional specializing in African art. Only an expert has both the thorough knowledge of the art market and a detailed understanding of African wildlife art.

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Wildlife art

African wildlife art: artistic genius taken from nature

Ethnic animal art, rich in symbolism and aesthetics, bears witness to the deep connection between ancient African peoples and the wildlife that surrounded them. African artists have traditionally drawn inspiration from the continent’s abundant nature, creating works that celebrate the diversity and power of African wildlife.

Tribal sculptures and artistic representations of animals occupy a central place in traditional African art. These creations often reflect the spiritual and symbolic vision that societies attribute to animals. Elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, monkeys and other emblematic species are frequently depicted in majestic poses, underlining their importance in local cultures.

The use of African animal masks in ritual ceremonies is a remarkable example of tribal wildlife art. Each animal possesses its own unique meaning, often relating to qualities such as strength, wisdom and protective power.

African wood sculptures (as well as African sculptures in metal, terracotta and ivory), also attest to the diversity of artistic techniques employed. African wildlife art is also present in contemporary African painting. Today’s artists are exploring new forms of expression, but continue to depict African wildlife. Fascinating paintings and compositions emerge, highlighting the dynamic relationship between the African artist and nature.

Professional appraisal of your African wildlife art

An expert appraisal of your ethnic wildlife art is necessary before a sale, for insurance purposes or simply to satisfy your curiosity. In fact, an appraisal is not limited to assessing the value of your art objects – it will also let you in on its secrets and history.

In order to do this, your African animal art expert must bring together their knowledge of ethnic art to identify its precise origin and contextualize its creation. They will also use their technical skills to determine its value, based on its cultural and aesthetic value and its state of conservation.

Finally, they will assess the state of the art market. It is this last step that will provide you with the market of your African art object, based on the supply and demand of this very specialized market. Your African art specialist will then present you with a complete dossier containing everything you wanted to know about your African wildlife art.


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