Traditional, antique clothing


Traditional African clothing is an essential part of the culture and way of life of the people of Africa. Do you own any of these precious objects? An appraisal of your traditional African garments may reveal the existence of treasures! In any case, it will enable you to discover their origin and history.

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Traditional, antique clothing

The heart of A lifestyle/ African clothing

Understanding the history of African tribal clothing opens a door into the daily lives of the continent’s ancient societies. Clothing provides clues to people’s lifestyles, but goes far beyond that. Colors and patterns hold specific meanings, which may be social markers or denote spiritual significance. They may also represent stories and values linked to the community.

Each ethnic group has developed its own distinctive style of traditional ethnic clothing. Fabrics such as wax, kente, bogolan and many others are emblematic of different regions of the continent. Wax, for example, is unique to West Africa, while kente originated in Ghana and bogolan in Mali. They may be ceremonial garments, worn on special occasions (weddings, rites of passage, festivals etc). In these cases, they are a means of expressing cultural pride and artistic creativity.

Contemporary African clothing designers sometimes fuse traditional elements with modern designs, creating unique pieces that respect the art of ancient communities.

The value of your African garments revealed by experts

If you are selling your collection of African clothing, or simply considering insuring it, you should have it appraised to determine its value. The diversity of societies that produced ethnic garments, as well as their chronology, requires the expertise of a specialist in African art. Only a professional can reliably appraise your antique African garments.

To determine the value of your African costumes, an expert must first identify them and study them in detail in order to contextualize their production. Using the patterns, colors and the techniques used to create them, your African clothing expert will date them and tell you their community of origin.

They will then analyze their condition and, using professional judgement, their aesthetic value. However, the price of your African garments does not depend solely on this information. Supply and demand in the African art market are also significant factors.

Finally, your African art specialist will provide you with a complete dossier that will, of course, include the value of your African garments. But you’ll also find something else: the appraisal will reveal the true history of your garments – you will never see them in the same light again!


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