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Pottery plays an essential role in the history of the art of Africa. Do you own ancient or contemporary African pottery? Call in a specialist to appraise it - you'll gain in-depth knowledge of your African works of art.

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African potters: recognized artists

The hand-crafted pottery of Africa bears witness to the talent and dexterity of African potters, whose art has been recognized in Europe since at least the end of the 19th century.

This particular art form shines in its diversity, in part due to the traditional firing methods used in African ceramics. Ornamentation depends on the pottery’s origin and the period in which it was made: some pots are decorated with elaborate glazes, while others retain the natural texture of fired clay.

Several regions, such as Mali and Burkina Faso, are famous for their elegantly shaped jars, often adorned with geometric motifs. Others, such as those from Nigeria and Ghana, are renowned for their hand-modeled pottery heads, which depict human or animal figures that are charged with symbolism.

Ancient African pottery can be both utilitarian and spiritual. It includes kitchen utensils, vessels, ritual objects and artistic sculptures. It is, therefore, deeply rooted in local beliefs. It is a connection between individuals and their ancestors.

Today, African pottery continues to evolve. Traditional potters are conserving ancient skills, while contemporary artists are integrating modern pottery techniques and creating innovative works. But their respect for ancient African art remains undiminished.

Why have your African pottery appraised?

Would you like to sell your African ceramics? Or do you need to insure them? In both cases, you need an expert to appraise your pottery.

Your African art specialist is the only professional capable of carrying out an appraisal of your works of art. Their knowledge enables them to determine the precise origin of your African pottery and to study all the elements (such as stamping) that could possibly add to its value.

Once the intrinsic value of the pottery has been established, they will evaluate it against the African art market.

However, the result of an African art appraisal goes further than that. It enables you to acquire in-depth knowledge of your pottery, its date and the context in which it was created. By calling in an African pottery expert, you will penetrate the intimate world of your ceramics.


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