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Would you like to sell or insure your African arms and armor? If so, a professional appraisal of these objets d'art is essential. It will not only reveal the value of your African weapons, but also their history, character and properties.

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Weapons and armor

African arms and armor: immersion in the continent’s history

Reflecting the rich and complex history of the continent, African arms and armor were often forged with exceptional craftsmanship. From ancient civilizations to more recent societies, weaponry is a fascinating testimony to Africa’s artistic ingenuity and cultural diversity.

Traditional African weapons vary considerably from region to region, between ethnic groups and in the variety of materials used (wood, bronze, iron and ivory). This underscores the diversity of resources available on the continent. Similarly, African shields come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and decorative motifs. African armor and shields were often made from materials such as leather, tortoise shell or reinforced textiles.

African spears, swords, bows and arrows were designed for hunting and self defense. In some cases, they may also have been status symbols or ritual objects. However, traditional African weaponry was more than just functional. It is imbued with profound cultural and symbolic meaning. The carved patterns, decorations and inlaid symbols tell stories or evoke spiritual beliefs that only an expert can reveal.

Ascertaining the value of your African weapons and armor

Expert appraisal of tribal weapons or ceremonial armor requires a vast deposit of knowledge, including a sound grasp of the culture, history and art of each region and ethnic group on the continent. Only a specialist can discern the true value of your traditional African weapons.

An expert in African art can identify the object, assess its aesthetic quality and condition, analyze its production techniques and carry out an evaluation of its cultural and symbolic significance. By comparing the African weapon with similar reference objects, an estimate of its value can be made.

However, this comprehensive study of your African weapons is not all. Your specialist will also consider your weaponry’s value on the current African art market, where certain weapons – ceremonial spears, decorated daggers, Zulu daggers, Maasai bows – are more in demand than others. In this way, you will obtain the true value of your African weapons and armor at any given time.

Perhaps most importantly, if you are attached to your collection, the expert’s appraisal will also re-contextualize the object’s origins, providing you with invaluable information about its history and the society that produced it.


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