Contemporary art


Works of contemporary African art are replete with meaning and originality. If you own contemporary African art, don't hesitate to call in a specialist to have it appraised - it may turn out to be a treasure! In any case, an appraisal will provide you with valuable information about its creation and significance.

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Contemporary art

Contemporary African art: the importance of art in the discourse

Perceived from both local and global contexts, contemporary African art embodies a dynamic artistic revolution that explores the many facets of African identity. Visionary artists from across the continent transcend traditional boundaries to create contemporary African works that challenge expectations and provoke reflection.

Contemporary African artists employ many different methods of artistic representation: painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, performance and more. They embrace a wide variety of styles and techniques, skillfully fusing traditional influences with contemporary expression. They explore themes of globalization, migration, gender and collective memory with profound conceptual depth.

Contemporary African art also serves as a critical platform, challenging dominant narratives and addressing social and political issues. Global exhibitions such as the Dakar Biennale highlight the vitality of the African art scene.

What is the value of your contemporary African art?

Appraising works of contemporary African art requires the knowledge of a specialist in the field. Using their expertise in the art market, they can confidently determine the value of your artworks.

A contemporary African art specialist can carry out a detailed study of the work you own. They analyze the style, materials, signature and the other elements that provide information about the artist, the work’s creation, its geographical origin and its history. The expert can also assess the work’s aesthetic quality, as well as its state of conservation.

Taken together, this information determines the intrinsic value of the work. However, it is necessary to consider current demand on the art market, to understanding the market value of your collection.

The file that the expert provides not only informs you of the value of your collection, but can also reveal its life story – secrets that you might never have known.


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