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Do you own African jewelry? Whether it is contemporary or antique, a professional appraisal will give you an accurate assessment of the value of the jewelry in question. What's more, an expert in African art will also be able to tell you more about its provenance and history, giving you a new awareness of your ethnic jewelry.

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African jewelry, past and present

Owing to its diversity, appraising jewelry from African civilizations requires the attention of an expert. This diversity is not only due to the vast size of the continent, but also to its long history of human habitation. Ethnic jewelry has an extensive history, dating back millennia. It continues to evolve in the contemporary world, where new creations fuse ancient traditions with modern trends.

Originally, ancient African jewelry-making techniques were based on working with natural materials. This included shells, gemstones, ivory, pearls and, occasionally, wooden beads. These jewels frequently served as societal markers, indicating the wearer’s ethnicity, religion or status within the community, for example.

Today, contemporary African jewelry design retains the essence of traditional jewelry, while adapting to modern tastes. Ethnic African jewelers skillfully combine traditional motifs with modern materials, offering designs in silver, gold, brass or glass.

The cultural significance of African jewelry lives on in society today. Frequently, African necklaces, ethnic bracelets and earrings are reserved for special occasions – weddings, other ceremonies or festivals. They have also become fashionable items, prized the world over.

A specialist to appraise your African jewelry

Are you thinking of selling your African jewelry? Or do you need to have it insured? If so, you need to know its true value. This depends, first and foremost, on their intrinsic value, depending on its age, condition, the material used (brass, gold, shell etc) and its aesthetic appeal. Only an expert in African jewelry can accurately advise you on these points.

That alone is not enough. In addition to assessing the intrinsic value of your ethnic jewels, you should also investigate the demand for them on the African jewelry market. Genuine Maasai beads and gold jewelry from Ghana or Burkina Faso may be more sought-after than gold jewelry from South Africa. Again, an expert in African art is indispensable in evaluating your ethnic jewelry at its true value.

However, the appraisal of your African jewelry is not limited to determining its value. Appraisal by an African art specialist involves a thorough investigation of your jewelry, leading to a dossier containing all the information you need to satisfy your curiosity about the jewels in your collection.


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