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Do you own works of modern African art? You may need to have them appraised for sale or insurance purposes, or simply to satisfy your curiosity. Call on a specialist to evaluate your collection of modern African art.

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Modern Art

Modern African art: from traditional influences to Afro-futurism

Reflecting Africa’s cultural dynamics, modern African art captures the evolution of African societies throughout the 20th century. These works, often marked by traditional influences, transcend artistic boundaries, presenting a unique expression of African realities.

Modern African artists explore a wide variety of mediums, from painting to sculpture and photography. Movements such as Negritude (“Blackness”), redefine African identity and celebrate black culture through art. Artists such as Ablade Glover (Ghana), Ben Enwonwu (Nigeria) and Ibrahim El-Salahi (Sudan) contributed to the movement, using modern African art as a means of asserting an authentic voice and challenging colonial stereotypes.

Modern African sculpture has enjoyed a renaissance with artists such as Ousmane Sow (Senegal), whose powerful sculptures pay tribute to human strength and resilience. African art installations by El Anatsui (Ghana), meanwhile, reinterpret the continent’s artistic traditions through contemporary materials – notably metals and fabrics.

In general, African modern art focuses on themes of identity, globalization and urban life. Such works offer a critical and nuanced perspective on the continent’s complex and changing realities, all the while contributing to the global dialogue about art.

Professional appraisal of your African modern art

If you need to know the value of your collection of African modern art, you should call in a specialist. They will appraise the artwork using professional techniques, their knowledge of African history and art, and their understanding of the African art market.

Identifying the artist, the artwork’s date and its geographic origin are the first steps. A detailed study will determine the aesthetic quality of the work and uncover its history and the secrets it holds.

The analysis will reveal the value of your modern African work, as well as its current price on the art market. Furthermore, the information we provide will give you a better understanding of your collection.


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