Would you like to sell or insure your African statues? If so, they need to be appraised. Only an expert in African statuary can determine the precise value of your African art collection.

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Statues and statuary

Tribal statuary: reflecting the skills of African artists

Ethnic statuary is one of the oldest forms of African art. Widespread across Africa, they represent stylized animals, ancestors, divinities, eminent figures or memorable historical events. As objects of veneration or spiritual mediation, tribal statues play an essential role in the cultural and religious life of traditional African communities.

An impressive diversity of styles and techniques used. From wooden statues carved with accomplished delicacy, through stone statuary, to bronze statues of astounding precision, each work testifies to the skill and creativity of African artists.

African statues are highly prized for their remarkable aesthetic qualities. Their elegant forms, expressive faces and meticulous details capture the imagination and provoke admiration from collectors, researchers and art lovers, the world over.

The value of your African statues revealed by expertise

Estimating the value of the African statue remains the main focus of an appraisal but the appraisal of your collection your does not stop at determining its price on the market.

If you want to guarantee a thorough and reliable appraisal of your African art collection, the services of a professional are essential. Only a professional with the requisite knowledge can guarantee the authenticity of an ethnic statue, judge its aesthetic value and determine its precise geographic and temporal origins. It’s a complete analysis that reveals the innermost details of your African art objects. You’ll not only discover their origins, but also their history and symbolism.

This intrinsic value will then be compared with the current state of the African art market. The market value of your art object depends on supply and demand. Dogon statues, for example, are currently more sought-after than Ashanti statues, which are in turn more sought-after than Lobi statues.

Last but not least, your specialist in African statuary can give you valuable advice on how to preserve your collection.


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