African paintings are an edifying example of the continent's cultural diversity. If you own one of these works of art, you'll need a specialist in African art to appraise it. Not only will you discover its value, but a host of its secrets will be revealed to you.

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African painting: spanning history and the continent

African paintings reflect the cultural heritage of the continent. Africa’s history spans millennia, diverse societies, customs, individual experiences, styles, regions, techniques, themes and media.

African artists have often used painting as a powerful means of telling stories, celebrating spirituality and documenting historical events. Traditional African pictorial works frequently feature geometric motifs, representations of animals and scenes from daily life. These symbolic elements are imbued with profound meanings, which are often linked to religious beliefs or mythological narratives.

Of course, African painting varies considerably from region to region. From abstract African works to realistic ethnic portraits, from canvases to installations, African painting reveals an artistic palette as diverse as the cultures it represents.

The advent of contemporary art in Africa has seen the emergence of new representational movements and the fusion of traditional techniques with modern approaches. Artists such as Chéri Samba in Congo, or Wangechi Mutu in Kenya, bear witness to the vitality and creativity of the contemporary African art scene.

Appraisal reveals the value of your African painting

If you’re thinking of selling or insuring an African painting, an appraisal is essential. An appraisal will give the true value of your artwork. An appraisal by a specialist in African art goes further, providing you with other valuable information.

The appraisal of an African painting is a complex process that requires the services of a professional. It involves a meticulous analysis of several different aspects to determine the authenticity, provenance and value of the work in question.

Experts in African painting carry out in-depth visual examinations of the work. They analyzes artistic styles, the techniques used, the quality of the materials and the patina of the painting. The examination provides clues as to the work’s period and region of origin.

Experts then carry out historical research on the artist and on the piece itself. Such an analysis can reveal hitherto unknown secrets. Other information (signature, the study of pigments etc) are included in the expert’s report.

Finally, after assessing the intrinsic value of the work, a specialist will asses the state of the art market: supply and demand will ultimately determine the current asking price of your African painting.


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