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About us

We are an online service of exclusive information and resources on African art of all periods and its market. With unparalleled expertise in African works of art, objects and the global market, we support the growth of African art and its ecosystem.

We’re pioneering, leader and expert in the African art market, we provide answers to your questions:

  • How do you value African art ?

    Your object is entrusted to an independent expert who will examine it meticulously, using the images you have provided and drawing on his or her vast knowledge and experience to certify its real worth and estimate its fair value.

    You will be issued with a document certified by our experts, containing the following information relating to your artwork:

    • its insurance value, in the currency of your choice
    • its auction value, in the currency of your choice
    • the description of the object
    • the expert’s comments
    • the unique reference number of the certificate

    We are pioneering leaders and experts on the African art market.  

    The art evaluation process is anonymous and confidential at AfricartMarket. It guarantees you a minimum 25% increase on the value of your object; our independent experts are not allowed to buy your objects or know your identity when they make their appraisal.

  • Where can I get an African artwork appraised ?

    Our experts are at your service. Their competence encompasses all artworks dating from antiquity to the contemporary period.

    Our area of expertise covers all artworks and objects from Africa and its diaspora.

  • How big is the African art market ?

    The market has been growing in recent years.

    The African art market encompasses all art forms and objects from antiquity to the present day (ancient, modern, and contemporary).

    Primary and secondary markets combined, it represents between 150 and 250 million dollars per year (source: Global Africa Art Market Report).

    As leading information providers on the African art market, we publish regular articles and studies.

    You can contact our specialized department.

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  • Where can I sell African artifacts ?

    You can sell African art via numerous online platforms and in physical locations, which all help to support African creativity.

    We can put you in direct contact, free of charge, with a buyer or reliable sales channel.

    For that purpose, we advise you to have your object appraised.

  • What is contemporary African art ?

    Contemporary African art can be defined as creative work from the recent past and the present day. Its sources are rooted in precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial history. The precursors of the 1930s should be taken into account in view of the openness they introduced with regard to traditional “tribal” arts. The notion of contemporary art, which emerged in the 1960s, encompasses the diversity of the continent’s artistic output.

    Whether self-taught, trained (often informally) in collective workshops, or academically trained at an art school or a national or international university, contemporary African artists use all kinds of media—painting, sculpture, photography, installation and video. Their thematic range encompasses social and political issues and reflects a commitment to community values. Their work is characterized by freedom of expression, means of production, and hybridization.