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African artifact head

If you’re a collector of ancient African art, you’re probably aware that the value of your objects may be considerable, but is subject to change over time. That’s why it’s crucial to have your artworks appraised by a specialist in African tribal art. In this article, we’ll explain what ancient African art is and why it’s essential to have your primitive African art objects appraised.


Traditional African art: a wealth of artistic diversity

Traditional African art encompasses a wide range of objects, from the utilitarian to the sacred. Made by ancient African societies who had no written language, these works display their artistic depth and diversity through wooden sculptures, masks, textiles, weapons, musical instruments, jewelry, paintings and pottery.

African primitive art is characterized by expressive abstraction and a refined use of shapes and motifs. Classical African art is also heavily imbued with symbolism and spirituality. Its influence extended beyond the African continent, inspiring European artists of the early 20th century, such as Picasso, Matisse and Derain. Underlining its timeless character, the influence of ancient African art manifests itself today in contemporary European art.


Why have your antique African art appraised?

African statuary

If you own early African art objects, it is possible that you would like to know their true value – either for an upcoming sale, for your insurance company, or simply to satisfy your own curiosity. That’s where the expertise of a tribal artspecialist comes in.

Having the value of your masks, furniture, textiles or other objects assessed by an expert in African art enables you to discover its true nature, its exact geographic origin and possibly its history too. Owing to their expertise in primitive African art, a specialist can determine the intrinsic value of your artworks.

Based on the current state of the African primitive art market, an expert can also determine the current value of your African art. This information contributes to a file containing all the known information about your artwork. The information also enables you to protect your objects from loss or destruction by recording them in an inventory.

Whether you are a collector of ancient African art, or simply curious about the value of your objects, tribal art appraisal is a wise choice. It allows you to protect your objects and discover their true value. Indeed, tribal art objects are not only cultural treasures, but also investments that are likely to increase in value over time.

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