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“The other requirement of the internal market for art is training which is crucial. “Among the 100 African artists who have recorded the largest number of works sold, 62 have gone through arts schools …”, said Macky Sall, citing the “Africa Art Market Report 2015″.”

Excerpt from the speech of H.E. Pdt Maky Sall of Senegal at the opening ceremony of the Dakar Biennale 2018. Reported by Ibrahima Ba & Maguette Guèye Diedhiou (Le Soleil newspaper)

“ In the wake of reports that recent auctions sputtered in New York, London and Moscow, one region seems to defy the gloomy trends (…).

The net result of all these commas and zeroes? For the African art world, beaucoup millionaires could very well translate into a massive expansion of the continent’s art market.”

Christian Viveros-Fauné (Artnet News)

“ the Africa Art Market Report  brings a rare perspective on the state of the market for modern and contemporary African creation. Sweeping all regions of the continent, it analyzes the evolution of all the actors (foundations, museums, artists, galleries, collectors, etc.) under a rarely mentioned angle – that of market exchanges that govern it. It also provides a ranking of the most prominent artists ”

Nicolas Michel (Jeune Afrique Magazine)

” the bible of the African art market “

 AD Magazine

” Africa Art Market’: African art is top-class investment ” (AIRFRANCE-KLM  CLUB AFRICA)

” a thorough report “

Rob Perree (Africanah.org)

“ I really appreciate receiving this link.(…)I will let my guests know about your excellent publication ”

Kenneth Montague (Collector, Wedge Curatorial Projects, Canada)

 “ Really an interesting and eye opening report!  The market is so dynamic now, but there is also such an upsurge in terrific  art of high aesthetic quality and art historical significance. Thank so much for sharing.”

Dr. Warren Crichlow (Professor at New York University)

” Thank you so much for this book ! “

Rikki Wemega-Kwawu (artist, Ghana)

“ Dear Africa Art Market team, I found your Report highly interested; it’s a pioneer work that will help increase the visibility and understanding of african contemporary art and usefully serve as a baseline study to measure the sector’s progress. ”

Karin Barlet (gallerist, France)

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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