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African Art Valuation: FAQ

How can I use my credits to obtain a certificate of valuation and consult the database of African art prices?

Our prices are the lowest on the market considering the quality of the service we provide.

Once you have purchased credits, you have unlimited access to our auction price database and can obtain an expert appraisal certificate for your artwork or artifact.

You can use your credits at any time, on both parts of the website.

Who will make the certified appraisal of my African artwork?

Your artwork or artifact will be appraised by an expert with vast knowledge and experience of the relevant field.

Our experts are specialists, not generalists.

How do I authenticate my artwork?

Our expert will use the photographs you submit to issue a certificate attesting to the auction value and insurance value of your artwork, accompanied by a description of the work in question.

For authentication purposes, the expert will need to be in possession of the artwork.

How do I get an ancient African artifact appraised?

Our experts have the availability and competence to appraise all artifacts dating from antiquity to the contemporary era.

Any artwork or artifact related to Africa and its diaspora falls within our field of expertise.

How can I find out about the prices and market trends of the African artist I’m interested in?

Our econometrics department has developed some reliable tools to help you follow an artist’s career and market trends with no need for insider knowledge.

In addition to unlimited access to our constantly updated database of auction prices, you will have specific customized information about the artist.