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Ranking African Modern Artists & Sales

top 5 lots sold At AuCtion All CAtegories in usd

Ranking African Modern Artists & Sales

top 10 Modern Art lots sold At AuCtion in usd

Ranking African Modern Artists & Sales

Methodology Modern Art

Given the specifics of the burgeoning African modern art market, it is essential to go beyond auction results alone in order to analyze it. This study ranks the 100 artists- whose birth range from 1850 through 1939 -who obtained the best scores according to four weighted criteria:
  1. turnover at auction in 2016 1 (40%)
  2. medium price of characteristic artworks on the first market (10%)
  3. number of exhibitions in museums throughout career (25%)
  4. number of exhibitions at commercial galleries throughout career (25%)

3 artist profiles

3 different artist profiles emerged through the analysis:
• Global
The Global profile includes artists who are recognized internationally in both the museum and the commercial worlds, with stable prices on the first and the second markets.
• Undervalued
The Undervalued profile includes artists with a strong presence on the art scene, both in the non-profit and the first market sectors. Their artworks appear sporadically on the second market, with undervalued prices.
• High Potential
The High Potential profile includes artists whose recognition in the art circles is underway. Their presence is stronger in museums than in commercial galleries. Their artworks are hardly seen on the second market.